Consumers won't tolerate a choice between sustainability and convenience

Mandatory Spirit Co is a brand built on 3 pillars. One of those pillars is "Better for the Environment" Bag in Box has the lowest carbon footprint of any liquor packaging. The lightweight box shape minimises dead space while maximising transport capacity, one truck transporting BIB carries the same volume as 7 trucks carrying glass bottles this massively reducing transport costs and lowering emissions.

72% Reduction

of fossil fuel than glass bottles

4x less CO²

than Tetra Brik cartons

85% less water

used than aluminium cans

28% less CO²

than PET bottles

5x less waste

than plastic bottles

50% lighter

on average than next best alternatives

8 x

lower carbon footprint than glass bottles

up to 86%

plastic reduction


less trucks needed than for glass bottles
Packaging is a Climate Decision


As the total weight of the material is smaller, the amount of waste is itself also smaller. Calculations show that a single bag in box packaging generates as much as 98% less waste than a glass bottle

8 Fold Reduction

Research shows that bag in box packaging compared to glass bottles, reduced greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%. At the present time, where every manufacturer is struggling with the excessive amount of carbon footprint generates, such a solution seems ideal due to its significant impact in the environmental protection.

High Packaging to Product Ratio

As flexible bag in box also offers an excellent packaging-to-product ratio. The amount of material the bag is made of is optimal for the amount of liquid poured into it. Unlike a rigid container, which requires much more plastic to produce. It is estimated that flexible packaging has a very low packaging consumption per product. (5 to 10 times lower and alternatives).

Savings in transport and storage

The transport and storage in a bag in box itself are much more efficient. The shape of the cuboid minimizes the so-called deadspace, whether in a warehouse or on a pallet, and at the same times maximizes the transport capacity. Empty, used packaging is folded practically flat so even after using the product, they don't take up unnecessary space.

Packaging weight reduction

Another factor is total weight of the material, which is almost 90% lower in bag in box than in the corresponding litre of a glass bottle.

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