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We’re not just making beverages we’re creating an experience that celebrates life, respects our planet, and cherishes our community


Zero Sugar, 4% Alcohol
Coming Soon to the United Kingdom, Mandatory Twisted Dark Fruits & Passionfruit Punch. Sign up now and be the first to know when they hit shelves.

The MSC Family

Passionfruit Punch
330mL, 4% Alc/Vol
Dark Fruits
330mL, 4% Alc/Vol
99.9% Sugar Free
Real Fruit Juice
Real Spirits
Vegan Friendly
Gluten Free
Fat Free
Australian Made

About Us

Mandatory Spirit Co stands as a beacon of uncompromised quality and enjoyment, firmly rooted in essentials. We reject sugar, embrace the full burst of flavours, and passionately say no to harmful additives. Our commitments aren't mere clichés, but firm, mandatory principles that guide us.

Our beverages are the life of every celebration, and with each occasion, we assert that certain elements remain non-negotiable. Mandatory Spirit Co is your guarantee for nights filled with joyous dance, laughter that brings tears to your eyes, and unforgettable memories created with your tribe.

Every aspect of Mandatory Spirit Co, from our handcrafted products to strategic decisions, stands on the solid foundation of our three core pillars.

Better for the Consumer: We prioritise you, ensuring our spirits are of the highest quality, providing unrivalled satisfaction.

Better for the Retailer: We cultivate strong relationships with our partners, ensuring mutual success and growth.

Better for the Environment: We strive for sustainability, minimizing our environmental footprint, and promoting green practices.

At Mandatory Spirit Co, we're not just making beverages – we're creating an experience that celebrates life, respects our planet, and cherishes our community.


The Power of Sustainability
Mandatory Spirit Co is a brand built on 3 pillars. One of those pillars is "Better for the Environment" Bag in Box has the lowest carbon footprint of any liquor packaging. The lightweight box shape minimises dead space while maximising transport capacity, one truck transporting BIB carries the same volume as 7 trucks carrying glass bottles this massively reducing transport costs and lowering emissions.

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